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Links to Chess Sites

London Chess Centre Chess Scotland (SCO)Noticeboard Athenaeum Chess Club
John Saunders' Chess Blog Welsh Chess Union Atticus Chess Club
The Week in Chess (TWIC) Irish Chess Online Atticus CC Forum
Britbase Ulster Chess Union Buckinghamshire Chess
London Chess Classic Ulster Chess Chronicle Cambridge University Chess Club
Chessbase Guernsey Chess Club Civil Service League
ChessVibes UK Chess Challenge (Junior) Cleveland Chess
Chess Ninja Daily Dirt Internet Chess Club Essex Chess Association
WhyChess Playchess (ChessBase Online) Greater London Chess Club
FIDEUnofficial Live Chess Ratings Time For Chess (online) Hastings Chess Club
4NCL InstantChess Hastings Congress
English Chess Federation FICS (Free Internet Chess Server) Insurance Chess Club
English Grading List British Rapidplay Championship Kings Head CC
English Chess Forum GM Michael Adams Official Site Kingston-upon-Thames Chess Club
English National Chess Library GingerGM (GM Simon Williams' Website) London Chess League
East Anglian Chess Union Nick Pert (GM Nick Pert's website) Manchester Chess Federation
Midland Counties Chess Union Peter Svidler Official Website Metropolitan Chess Club
Northern Counties Chess Union Gata Kamsky Official Website 3Cs (4NCL)
Southern Counties Chess Union Hikaru Nakamura Official Website Oxford University Chess Club
West of England CU & Chess Devon Alexandra Kosteniuk's Website Streatham & Brixton Chess Club Blog
Guardian Chess TigerChess (GM Nigel Davies) Surrey County Chess Association
Evening Standard Chess (Leonard Barden) Jon-Ludvig Hammer's Blog Mid-Sussex League
Chess History Center British Federation for Correspondence Chess Sutton Coldfield Chess Club
Chess Café Scottish Corresp. C.A. Warwickshire Chess Association
Association of Chess Professionals Max Euwe Centre Wessex Chess Club (4NCL)
Viswanathan Anand Website Europe Échecs (FRA) Chess Pages of Mike Donnelly
Magnus Carlsen's Blog Grandmaster Square (A.Baburin) British Chess Problem Society
Vladimir Kramnik's Website Australian Chess Federation Uncrowned Kings Home Page
Nalimov Tablebase Canadian Chess Federation Nørresundby Chess Club
Olimpbase New Zealand Chess Lars Balzer's Downloads Index
chessgames.com Chess in New Zealand Tim Krabbé's Chess Curiosities (NED)
Chesslab Chess Informant London ChessBoxing Club
RybkaChess Russian Chess Chess Arbiters' Association
Chess Archaeology US Chess Federation Chess in Schools and Communities
Friends of Chess Braille Chess Association Chess Variants etc


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